The Apsara Story

The Apsara Story  

– Meet our founder and head designer

Denmark is a country of coloured squares. Especially if you see it in the eyes of a ten-year-old girl on her first flight from Sri Lanka to Denmark. This is what happened to Nalika Jensen, born in Sri Lanka and at the age of ten she and her family came to Denmark. Her first memory of this flat country are the squares you see from an airplane as it flies over the land 

“It was all just squares in different colours and sized with clear outlines. It was beautiful.” 

These squares and clear outlines have become a part of her inspiration in founding Apsara Copenhagen. They are particularly visible in our Isabella collection. 

 Nalika is a creative mind. She finds her inspiration in the nature surrounding her. In Sri Lanka she grew up near the sea and used to play along the bounty white beaches with the clear blue waters brushing against the white sands. She is inspired by the green and fruitful forests of Sri Lanka and the beautiful lotus flowers blooming in the early summer.  

The colours of the two worlds; the beautiful strong outlines of Scandinavia and the wild and rich colours of Sri Lanka set the foundation for the jewellery Nalika designs.  

 Apsara Copenhagen gets its name from the beautiful Apsaras of Lion Rock and the purpose for Nalika is to give all women a chance to feel like the divine princesses of the past, simply by wearing jewellery made of the highest quality, with beautiful colours and outlines: “our jewellery is a combination of the lineage and aesthetics of the cool Scandinavia with the rich colours and traditions of gemstones from the far east.”  

apsara copenhagen founder and head designer

Apsara Copenhagen

– We make women feel special