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If you do not find the perfect piece of jewelry here on the website, do not worry – you have the opportunity to design your own jewelry here at Apsara Copenhagen. This allows you to get exactly the piece of jewelry that you have walked and wanted – and it goes all the way down to the last detail! You thus have the opportunity to choose exactly the type, color and size that you want the stone on your jewelry to have.

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Handmade jewelery of the highest quality

Apsara Copenhagen offers a wealth of beautiful, handcrafted jewelery, all bearing the aesthetic and classic gemstones of Sri Lanka. All the jewelery is also made in 18 carat gold and white gold, which is why the quality is also high priority. The jewelery stones and diamonds that adorn our jewelry are also carefully selected, which ensures such a high quality that you can leave your fine Apsara jewelry from generation to generation.


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Cassiopeia – the W of the sky or an ancient mythical queen?Actually neither. Our Cassiopeia ring is quite the queen all on its own. Our ring is inspired by the beautiful and colourful flowers, blooming in the botanical gardens. The beautiful colours in a wide rainbow...

The beautiful Apsaras of Lion Rock

The beautiful Apsaras of Lion Rock

The beautiful Apsaras of Lion RockThis is a story of queens and princesses. In ancient Sri Lanka there was once a massive rock called lion rock. On top of this rock was a beautiful fortress ruled by the fifth-century king- Kashyapa. He called this fortress Sigiriya,...

Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability  at Apsara Copenhagen  Beauty, sustainability and durability is quality for us at Apsara Copenhagen.   Our direct access to the mines and thereby the raw matirials makes us guarentee sustatainable and responsible mining of rare gemstones and...