About Apsara Copenhagen

apsara copenhagen founder and head designer

The idea behind

The idea behind Apsara Copenhagen is to create jewellery that can help today’s women feel divine simply by wearing jewellery made of the highest quality. All women deserve such jewellery, and we at Apsara Copenhagen want to make that possible. Our beautiful jewellery thus combines the lineage and aesthetics of the Scandinavian nature with the rich colours and traditions of the gemstones of the East. Thereby our goal is to make alle women know that they are appreciated, each one for their individuality and strength, hence the name Apsara Copenhagen. In ancient Sri Lanka, the most beautiful princesses and queens were called Apsaras, and the jewellery thus invite all women to be their very own Apsara and to feel like a queen.


Highest quality

Ethical stones and materials

Here at Aspara, we focus on the environment, which is why we always make sure we procure our materials in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. All our jewelery is also made of diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality, and we still use the same small group of suppliers to this day as when the brand was first established. Each and every gemstone and diamond that we use in our jewelry has also been carefully selected for its unique beauty. Of course, this also means that the stones in our jewelry are unique and can vary in size and color.

The story behind Apsara

Apsara Copenhagen was established by Nalika Jensen. Nalika was born in Sri Lanka, but she was raised in Denmark, and her story is reflected in a large graph in her jewelry designs, where the beautiful colors of the East meet the aesthetic designs from Scandinavia. The name Apsara was given to the princesses and queens of the ancient kingdom of Sigiriya who would be remembered for their beauty as well as their exquisite jewelry.

Here at Apsara Copenhagen we want every modern woman to feel like an Apsara in their own lives, by wearing our unique jewelry. Nalika herself had a creative childhood where there were free reins to draw on the walls of the family home, among other things. She recreates the many beautiful colors of the sea at her childhood home, the creative moments from her childhood as well as the aesthetics of Scandinavian nature in her jewelry design.